Learning. Prompt #2

The increase in violent video games has been obvious, as there seems to be a new first-person shooter game coming out every month. Personally, my brother and I both grew up playing these more violent games and neither of us became violent people as a result of playing these games.

As most people know the first few years of a kids life and what they are taught or shown in that period of time will define how they will act in the future. Personally, I don’t see a bunch of 5-year-old kids playing Black Ops. Nevertheless, even though there are age restrictions on games that have violence in them many kids under that age will be playing them, I would say kids that are around 13 playing games like Black Ops. I feel as though kids at this age that are playing games like this have developed their brain enough to realize the difference between a video game and the real world and have been taught that violence like that is not okay. There is a difference however between kids getting more violent while actually playing the game such as kids “rage quitting” and having that violence persist after the game has been turned off. I feel as though once the game has been turned off most children understand that it is a game and will quickly get over it. I do not believe that violent first-person shooter games should be banned but just have better parental control about what their kids are playing. At a certain age when they believe their kids can handle the game and understand that it is just a game, then allow them to play those types of games.

Overall, I feel as though violent first-person shooter games do not have a major impact on weather or not a kid will become more violent due to these games. I think with proper control by the parents that at a certain age when kids understand its just a game should they be allowed to play them.


One thought on “Learning. Prompt #2

  1. I agree with your idea of restricting based on parental guidelines. Every parent is going to have their own rules when it comes to what they can play growing up. Also, the way that video games have evolved through the years and keeps bringing new aspects into the world of first-person shooting games. Hoping that most parents would not allow kids under the age of 8 years old, most kids have a good idea that a game is just a game and has no part in the outside world. I also grew up playing games like those and I am nowhere close to be a violent person. Also, I do not anyone who played first-player shooting games and they are not violent people. Some may say that is from good parenting outside of playing video games, but that is not the main issue. I also agree with how kids will know the difference between the two once they are able to play the game. The games are meant to be fun and interactive methods for talking to friends and others around the world.


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